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Got My Shot!

I received my first dose and have one to go! I received my first dose at Shelby High School in a “mass vaccination event” through Atrium Health. Officials organized the event incredibly well. They served...

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Status Update

Pre Annual Conference Cabinet Meeting today, coming off of a great meeting with Emerging Community Pastors yesterday.

Status Update

I”m preaching for Homecoming at Jackson Park UMC this morning and this afternoon is a District Wide celebration of laity at University City United Methodist Church.

Status Update

Full day today with Homecoming at Indian Trail UMC and then charge conferences. How is it already charge conference season!?!?

Status Update

Our Annual Conference passed a pastor salary structure this year that takes years of service into account. Looks like this will increase the salary of 14 pastors in our district. All but two are women or persons of...

Status Update

Enjoyed meeting with Local Pastors last night. Grateful for Daniel Wilson for facilitating mentor groups.

Status Update

Working on details for some exciting projects in the Metro District today. Looking forward to announcing them. Local Pastor mentoring tonight.

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Beautiful Gardens

I have to admit that I often skim and flip through the 17th chapter of Isaiah because it is part of a long and often repetitive list of judgment oracles that spans several chapters. In my reading today, however, I...

Email Etiquette: One Subject

It is better email etiquette to receive three emails regarding three different subjects than one email containing three subjects. In other words, please limit one topic per email.

Daniel and Baseball

Daniel naturally excels at many things. Baseball is not one of them, and is one of the first things that he has really struggled with. It has been an interesting journey to see how he would deal with a new challenge...