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An Attempt at Journaling

I admire John Wesley for the wealth of information that he left behind because he believed in keeping journals. Back in high school, I used to keep a diary on computer. I wrote almost every night. I lost it in a hard drive crash, and lost the nerve to keep journaling. I am going to try again, so here’s my first attempt. I don’t know how deep it will get.

Saturday, July 27, 2008

Today was a day off. I really needed a day off. I’ve had to put on a tie for the last 15 days straight. There were things I had to do around the house, though. My main goal was to unclog our bathroom sink. I tackled that first then did dishes, and then decided to take the rest of the day easy. Blue stayed right by my side all day. I guess he has missed me. I’ve been working pretty hard as a chaplain at the hospital (CPE for anyone who knows what that is).

D3 is getting ready to start kindergarten. I don’t know if he is nervous about that, or acting out for some other reason, but he has been awful these last two weeks. His temper is out of control. He talks or yells back at us and throws fits if he doesn’t get his way. We have been talking to him about healthy ways to express his anger, and we even checked out some books on feelings from the library to help him sort through his feelings. He had a wonderful night tonight, though. He went through is night-time routine without being asked, and was super sweet. Maybe he’s coming around.

I spent my downtime today taking it easy, spending time with my family, and trying to get this blog to look decent. I should be able to start writing more and worrying about layout less. I’m pretty excited about this design. I am very happy about how today went. I needed a day off.

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