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Celebrating a Scholarship

Journal: Tuesday, 8/19/08

The Rev. Dr. Karl K. Stegall, scholarship founder
Rev. Dr. Karl Stegall, Founder

Tonight I went to a banquet that was a celebration of the Karl Stegall Seminary Foundation. I receive scholarship aid from this group every quarter. It started out with Dr. Stegall asking members of his church to sponsor a seminary student. Sponsors would pledge to support that seminary student with a monthly gift, all the way through graduation. It has grown beyond a single church (although Montgomery First United Methodist Church still has the greatest participation by far) and has evolved to be a conference-wide effort aiming to establish a trust fund that will generate enough interest to help seminarians from our conference.

What I enjoy most about this scholarship is the fact that Dr. Stegall truly understands our needs as seminary students. He knows what our salaries are and has a very accurate picture of what seminary costs. He knows how difficult it is to pay back student loans when pastors graduate and begin work. He knows what it means to have a family while trying to get through school. It is great to have such an advocate that understands what I am going through. So, thank you for everything, Dr. Stegall. The monetary support is a blessing, but for me, the true blessing is knowing that someone else knows what I am going through and is willing to support me through it. Your emotional, spiritual, and financial support is a true blessing to me. Every person that gives to your scholarship is investing in the future of Christian ministry.

The following is a little write up from our conference email newsletter. It includes an address if anyone else would like to support the cause.

Stegall Seminary Foundation Celebrates Donors, Students
A capacity crowd of over 300 people gathered at the Wynlakes Country Club in Montgomery, Ala. on August 19 to celebrate both donors and students involved with the Karl K. Stegall Seminary Scholarship Endowment Foundation. This foundation, begun by retired Alabama – West Florida clergy member, Dr. Karl K. Stegall, provides scholarship monies directly to seminary students associated with the Alabama – West Florida Conference.

The foundation officially began two years ago, and as of July 2008 over $2.2 million had been pledged to the foundation, with a goal to reach $5 million within five years. In 2008, the foundation awarded $135,000 in cash scholarships to 35 seminary students. Many of the recipient students were in attendance at the banquet.

Dr. Stegall welcomes the invitation to speak to churches, groups, and other interested individuals who may be interested in participating in this ministry.

To donate to the foundation – and be a vital part in the future leadership of the local churches of the Alabama – West Florida Conference – send contributions to:

Dr. Karl K. Stegall Seminary Scholarship Foundation
P.O. Box 241661
Montgomery, AL 36124-1661
*the foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit foundation, and all gifts are tax deductible.