Dan Pezet

Christian Blogs Reach People

One of my favorite features of this website is the statistics program. It keeps track of how many people visit the site, which pages are viewed the most, what cities (and countries) my visitors are from, and even what search terms people enter to find my site.

I was surprised by two people that came to my site this month by entering Google search terms. One person searched with the phrase “I am weary of the church” and the second one searched “Why am I losing interest in the church.” These two people visited my blog looking for answers to serious questions, and looking at the current content, I know that they did not find what they were looking for. This is not just a blog, but a method of evangelism, a tool for teaching, and a place for Kingdom building. You never know who is reading, and what they are searching for. I will write a reply to those two people in the near future.

Seeing as most of the people that read this blog are fellow bloggers themselves, I thought I would just put this thought out there: Christian blogs actually reach people. If someone is visiting your blog looking for Christ, will that person find Him there?

For fellow WordPress bloggers, I suggest these plugins:

  • Stat TraqKeeps statistics on who is visiting your website
  • AutoMeta Puts hidden tags into your webpage that allows search engines to find your site easier.
Update 3/23/2012: I no longer use stattraq nor AutoMeta. Now, I use themes that are built with Search Engine optimization in mind. I have used Theme Hybrid and Genesis themes. They both do a good job (Hybrid is free. Genesis is not). These themes have places for inputting keywords, tags, and categories that help Google and other search indexes understand what my posts are about. I am constantly in the top 10 of Google search lists of “children and tithing”, “church hospitality”, and “church greeter suggestions.” That’s very cool for a little blog like mine!

For statistics, I use the default Word Press Site Stats (it is available by default in the Jetpack plugin. I also use Google Analytics. Both of these stat tracking programs are free to use.


  • Hi, if I really wasn’t planning to write, I was cruising your blog, and enjoying it… Then I got to the part here, how you have states how people get here. I said to myself, “oh yeah, how did I get here?”
    I looked in my google search bar, and saw I wrote “tired of works in the church.” Whoa!! I wrote that?

    Kind of surprised at ME here!! For a split sec, I had even forgotten about what I had written.
    I must agree with you, blogs are an amazing source for evangelism,
    and Kingdom building. I’ll bookmark this one.
    I need to think about why I googled what I wrote. There is somethin’ there! Much appreciated.

  • Trisha,

    Thanks for commenting! My school schedule has kept me from writing more on that topic, but I hope to get back to writing on here again this semester.

    Some of the nicest people I have met have been Christians. Sadly, however, some of the meanest people I have met were also Christians. I’ll definitely be writing more about why I think that it is the case in the future, especially since there seems to be such a strong interest in it.

    Lately, the most popular google search to find my site has been, “How to host a church tea.” I named my site Church and Sweet Tea just because I like to sit and talk while drinking a cool glass of sweet tea. But seeing as there is a strong interest there, I will be looking into what it takes to host an afternoon tea, and write on that too. Anyone with suggestions on how to host a successful tea, feel free to comment!

  • That’s too funny! Here in Ca, we really don’t know about Sweet tea!
    We only know about horchata and diet coke here! haha
    I’ll be looking forward to your posts as time goes on. Since you’re in Seminary, I’ve got tons of questions! OK maybe 2 only.
    Happy New Year!