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Pondering Faith Linked to Tolkien


     I read a cool blog post by Jeremy Smith about a special site that will take two words and search Wikipedia to find out how many entries appear between them. For example, if you want to know how many entries are between future and hope, this site will tell you that there is one. In the entry for future, you will find a link for optimism. In the entry for optimism, you will find a link for hope. Thus, there is one entry between them.

So, I entered church and tea (the name of this site) and here’s what it said:

Church -> Born Again Christian -> J.R.R. Tolkien -> Tea

     This means that church has an entry for Born again Christian, and Born again Christian has a link to the entry for J.R.R. Tolkien, and Tolkien has an entry for Tea.  The shortest route between Pondering Faith goes through Tolkien. If you know me at all, you would know that this is very cool information, because I am a Tolkien fan. Apparently, Tolkien was part of a group that often met for tea and poetry. The group was called the “Tea Club and Barrovian Society.” I did not know that he loved tea as much as I do (although, he liked his hot, and I like mine iced)!

Try it out, and let me know if you find any interesting paths!


  • Great site, Dan! Glad that the hidden inkling that “yes, LotR IS the connective glue in my life” proved true for you. 😉

    Some of my interests are marketing and hospitality, so I found your church hospitality suggestions to be very relevant. Have you seen the Starbucks Church video? The creator has a blog dedicated to several hospitality aspects here.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jeremy. We do seem to have many similar interests. I’ve added your blog to my reader. I’ll be sure to check out the Star Bucks link when I get a few more free minutes.

  • 6Degrees of Kevin Bacon Wikipedia style, huh?

    Yours is cooler than mine.

    Simply Cindy

    AOI: Bionix> December 4> 1969> Hurricane Camille> List of historic tropical cyclone names> Cindy

    5 clicks needed