Dan Pezet

Good Words

The Good Book contains many Good Words. These particular Good Words from Proverbs have been running through my mind lately:

Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad. Proverbs 12:25 ESV


I can certainly relate to this verse! I will be moving in June this year. Things in my life are starting to move at warp speed, and I feel out of control. I am excited, overwhelmed, a little sad, and anxious all at once. I remind myself that God is in control, and that my life is in good hands, but it is difficult to quiet the anxious feelings.

In this anxious time, I have been extremely blessed to be surrounded by people who continuously offer good words. We have some awesome encouragers in my congregation. Thank you, Bill, Furrel, Randy, and Susan (to name a few but not all) for offering encouraging words in various conversations lately (before you even knew I was moving). Your words lifted my heart. Thank you, also, to my friends and colleagues – especially Lance and John. It is great to be able to confide in you and receive encouragement and support. Your good words have made me glad in the midst of anxiety.

This has reminded me to pay attention to my own words so that I may also be an encouragement to others. Have you encouraged someone today? I bet there is an anxious person in your life who could use some Good Words.