Dan Pezet

Journal Entry: It’s Crunch Time

My burden over the next few weeks is great. I am in a full semester of classes, serving as a pastor, and working on my commissioning papers. It is just one thing too many. In the next few weeks I have several major assignments due for school, and I must finish answering my 16 doctrinal questions, record a sermon, and produce a 6 week Bible study. The good news is that I am almost done with it all. I will be glad to have it all done so I can ease up a little.

If I had not been chipping away at my board work all semester, I would be in a impossible position. Thankfully, my family has allowed me to spend one extra day per week so that I could work on it. I have a first draft of all but one of my questions finished.  My sermon is ready for recording. Next week I should be able to prepare a 6 week Bible Study. It is going to take every bit of energy and dedication that I can muster, but I can do it. It is going to take a lot of patience from my family, but they are strong. I appreciate the sacrifice that they are making for me, my education, and my calling. Just a bit over 2 weeks, and we will be able to breathe again. For now, it’s crunch time. Maybe I will be able to post more often after that. Oh, yeah, and very good news… next semester is going to be very easy for me compared to all my others. I don’t have to take as many classes!