Dan Pezet

Journal: Sunday, 8/3/08

I haven’t had a journal entry in a few days. I have been working at the hospital and coming home too tired to really sit down and write a journal entry.

Yesterday we had an event at church called Barbecue and Blues. The event went well. A blues band, the Heavenly Blues, came to perform. We had a moonwalk for the kids, and the fire department brought out a smoke house to demonstrate how to escape from a fire. I think some people were disappointed that only 60 people showed up, but for our church, that’s a lot of people. My goal was 50. It was run smoothly and we had plenty of volunteers to make it a nice event.

In my opinion, the most innovative part of the event is that it was completely paid for by donations from the church. We simply made a flier that invited people to donate money to cover the cost of one part of the event. For example, we had a moonwalk rental listed for $150. One family said they loved watching kids jump around, and they donated the money for it. It was a hot August evening, but a good time was had by all.