Dan Pezet

Life Verses on Windows

On a site called The Couch-Potato Radical, I discovered this great activity for congregations to grow together:

“We have a new senior pastor at our church. He’s begun introducing himself to us by telling his story: how he got to us in Crystal Lake. A couple week’s ago, he lifted up his life verse–the scriptural passage that helps define his life. He’s invited us (the congregation) to share our’s as well. We’ve been able to put some plastic across some back windows of our sanctuary, and it’s neat that people are able to write their verses up there (picture).”

The idea of life verses has been around for a long time, but the idea of covering windows with plastic wrap is new to me. That sounds like a lot of fun. Have someone tell what their life verse means and why they chose it, and then write it on the wall. Good clean fun!

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