Dan Pezet

May I See the Manager?

Having worked in food service when I was in high school, I know that people are quick to complain when things go wrong, but are always slow to offer praise when things go right. I have tried to make it a habit to report exceptionally good service as well as exceptionally bad service.

For example, the other day, our family went to eat at a local mexican restaurant. The food was great. The service was great. Our waiter never let me run out of sweet tea, and that’s not easy, even for attentive waiters. It was an enjoyable evening. At the end of our meal,we left the waiter a nice tip, but I didn’t think that was enough. So on this occassion, I asked the waiter if I could speak with the manager so I could let her know how pleased we were. His eyes lit up, and off he went. I told the manager how pleased we were with the food, and that our waiter was excellent and took good care of us. She was all smiles. All the employees standing by wore similar smiles. The customers around us agreed. The good feeling was contagious. As we left, we were bid farewell as if we were old friends to the employees. It felt nice. Next time you get great service, feel free to ask for a manager.