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  • 07:39 * Prayer thought for today: I am thankful for Luke, who is turning 2 today. He is a true blessing and brings great joy to my life. #

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Update: Whew. Today is a long day and I didn’t do a good job tweeting as I went 🙂

This was Luke’s second birthday, and he really got into this one. He finally got the hang of unwrapping presents. We got him a Handy Manny toy set, which he absolutely loves. He was adorable blowing out his candles. I’ll have to post that video sometime.

We have been taking video clips with our digital camera. Our camcorder has stopped synching up with our computer. Tonight I used Christmas money to buy an inexpensive camcorder. I hope that I will be able to save and share videos better now.

Cindy’s parents have been visiting. They left today. We enjoy it when they visit. I am grateful to have good inlaws that I actually like! I know that many aren’t that lucky. My parents visited last week. So, we have been hosting guests (the kids have been spoiled rotten) and now we are going to off to visit people. We’ll be visiting my sister and then my brothers. It should give me a chance to test out my video camera. Sometime next week, I will get to do one of my favorite things: play a round a frisbee golf. I’m not that good at it, but it is a lot of fun. Never heard of it? Well, I’ll try to post a video!

If everything goes right, we will also get to visit Paula Dean’s restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. Cindy has wanted to do that for a while now. We hope to meet up with my seminary buddy, Randall, for lunch.