Dan Pezet

On Starting Kindergarten

Journal: Monday, 8/18/08

D3 Starts SchoolLast week was another busy week that seemed to fly by. My son, D3, had his first whole week of kindergarten. Like so many things in life, school is something that you cannot truly understand until you get to do it. He was in preschool, so he was as prepared as he could be. Still, he is only now realizing some of things that we have been trying to tell him about school.

First, we tried to tell him that kindergarten would be a full day instead of the half day that he was used to doing. That didn’t sink in until after the first day. He came home, played for little while, and then we called him for dinner. He couldn’t believe it was already time for dinner and his night-time routine. He felt like part of his day was missing.

A second realization came to him about the duration of school. His teacher told us that he would start getting homework in October. His reply was, “I’m still going to be in school in October?” His mind must have reeled when I told him that not only would he be in school in October, but he would be in school until he was a grown up. I really didn’t think that would surprise him, seeing as I am still in school, but he didn’t make that connection.

My wife, Cindy, and our toddler, Blue start back to preschool today. I am in my final week of CPE (praise God), and will start my fall semester in September. I am ready. It seems like the summer is over and fall is here.


  • Heh. Maybe you shouldn’t have told me! You mean elders have to go to school!?!?!? I hope probationary elders get a bit of break. I’m due for one. 😉

    Thanks for the comment. I appreciate a life-long learner.