Dan Pezet

One Year Down, Two to Go

     I have not updated my blog in quite some time. It is not that I have lost interest in writing. The reason I have not posted any new articles is because school has really kicked my rear end this semester. Classes were tough, and going through the semester with a newborn and the responsibilities of serving a church made school even more tough.

     I have good news to report, though. I have passed my first year of seminary. This semester pushed me to the limit, but I made straight B’s. I am pleased. I am relieved. I am glad for summer break. So, I look forward to updating my blog more often over the summer, but for now, I will celebrate my accomplishment and rest. One year down, two to go.


  • Congradulations Dan! You made it through the first year, an accomplishment itself, and with good grades. At this point I think seminary is like a three year long boot camp, making and breaking people, particularly a place like Candler. Now you only have two to go! Wait a minute, don’t think about that too much…

  • Hey, Dan! Congrats again on the grades and getting a year behind you. I think your grades are remarkable, especially since you have your hands full with church and a newborn and a toddler who is a handful-and-a-half (but oh-so-lovable!)!

    It was really good to see you and your family last week. It’s nice to catch up with friends. Despite the little glitch right at the end, I think the service was beautiful, too. Great job!

    PS – We’re having dinner with your parents tonight. 🙂

  • Just graduated from said school. It’s not an easy thing to serve a church and be a Dad and go to school. Prayers for you.

    Just remember — MDiv = 3 years.
    year one — life
    year two — death
    year three — resurrection.

    My hardest year was year two. Be good to yourself.

  • Graduation is the light at the end of the tunnel that keeps me going. Thanks for the warnings about year two. I have heard horror stories about year two, especially Systematic Theology. I’ll be taking that this fall. Right now, I am just enjoying my summer. Congratulations on your graduation, by the way.