Dan Pezet

Picking Kids TV Shows

I have a seven and a three year old. They love TV.  We pay close attention to what they are watching, though, because some shows that are geared for kids are quite inappropriate. Today, I have gone through and listed some shows that I like and some that I do not like. The deciding factor in this particular list is that Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon have some shows that have succumbed to bathroom humor and rudeness to attract children. These are things that I do not want my kids to mimic. Click on the first picture and then click on the right side of each picture to advance to the next one to see my opinion of each:

By the way, has anyone seen Perry? I wonder what he’s up to…


  • We love Phineas and Ferb! Our other favorites are iCarly (personally, I like iCarly better than Hannah Montana), Little Bear, and Max and Ruby (although we’re still wondering where in the world Max and Ruby’s parents are)! We are questioning some oldies that the kids like: Tom and Jerry (it’s SO violent) and Charlie Brown (the name calling and use of “stupid” is excessive).

    Sponge Bob is banned from our house. Nate had Sponge Bob pajamas on one night and was walking around with his eyes closed. I asked him what he was doing and his response was: “I can’t look at my pajamas because Sponge Bob is on them and you’ll get mad if I watch him!”

    • That’s awesome, good for Nate!

      Good point on T&J. I can’t believe we were allowed to watch that as kids. My list here didn’t even begin to touch fantasy violence. That’s tricky.
      Max and Ruby is an ok show, but I think it’s a little weird. I don’t think we’ve seen iCarly, yet. Have to check that out.

      Phineas and Ferb, though, is quickly becoming a personal favorite.