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Expanding the Expedition Through Community Connection by Dan Pezet


This book is all about helping to connect your church with the community in healthy ways that fit these modern times. Many churches are discovering that they no longer connect with their communities as effectively as they once did. Dan Pezet guides your church in exploring how to connect with your community in these modern times. This is the new face of 21st century evangelism.




Would your church like to connect with new people? If so, you are not alone! Many churches are discovering that they no longer connect with their communities as effectively as they once did. This book is all about helping your church connect with its community in new, healthy ways.

In this book you will explore: The shifts in evangelism today (it’s not enough to invite people to church anymore), the importance of offering an authentic witness and what that looks like (and what it doesn’t look like), an emerging model for your church to connect with new people, and practical advice and examples to help you design your own community connection ministry.

Stop asking, “How do I get more people to join my church?” and start connecting with new people today!

What Readers are Saying about Expanding the Expedition Through Community Connection:

Drawing on his personal experience in church development, Dan Pezet offers practical guidance for reading your community and your local church, discerning your specific lead role, and connecting your lead role to the needs of your community. Through this process, the local church is recognized as a valuable asset for the community. Connecting with the community brings hope to others and fresh vitality to the local church. I highly recommend this book to churches of all sizes and locations.  – Bishop R. Lawson Bryan, The United Methodist Church

Churches desperately need to fall in love with their communities again. Dan Pezet provides clear and innovative steps to guide congregations in discovering their “lead role” for such engagement. The book is creative, compact, and compelling. – Lovett H. Weems, Jr., Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC

As a fruitful and effective church planter, Dan Pezet shares a successful discipleship system generating spiritual leaders who create a community of relationships inspired by a passion for new Christian disciples. This work is essential for introducing indispensable tools for creating community and fulfilling the church’s primary mission. – Bishop Paul Leeland, The United Methodist Church

Dan Pezet reminds us through the Community Connection Model that we are called to serve communities and not just to serve churches. Offering tools like Lectio Vicinitas for Reading Your Community, he pushes church leaders to think outside in vs. inside out by sharing a series of examples of how churches are both leading and supporting the communities in which God has planted. – Phil Schroeder, Senior Pastor, Dunwoody UMC, Atlanta GA

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