Dan Pezet

Stewardship Devotion: What’s in Your Wallet

In Matthew 6:21, we learn “21 …where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” There are many ways to reflect on this verse, but after seeing a credit card commercial asking, “What’s in Your Wallet?” I have realized that our wallets are like modern-day treasure chests and point to where our hearts are. Let’s open up our wallets and prayerfully reflect on the things we find inside. I will use my wallet as an example.

In my wallet, I have some cash (and a debit card that links to stored cash). Money represents the fruit of our labors. Give thanks for our abundance, and ask for help in our financial needs. Let us lift up our work, and our investments to God.

In my wallet, I have a driver’s license. This represents our identity. We have to show it to people to prove who we are. Isn’t it great that God knows us and does not need to see our I.D.? Am I who God is calling me to be?

In my wallet, I have a health insurance card. This represents our health. Offer thanksgiving for our health and lift any concerns we may have about our health or the health of our loved ones.

In my wallet, I have a credit card. This represents our debt. Let us lift up our debts to God. Remember that not all debts are financial. God paid the price for our sins, and wiped our debt away in an act of ultimate debt forgiveness.

In my wallet, I have a fishing license. This represents our pastimes. Is there something in your wallet that shows what you enjoy doing in your free time? Let us give thanks for our ability to enjoy God’s creation.

What else do you have in your wallet? Family pictures, club memberships, car insurance, business cards? Continue this stewardship devotion by looking through your wallet, identifying what each item represents in your life, and lifting each to God in prayer. Through spiritual reflection, we may discover a powerful answer to the question, “What’s in your wallet?”

[reminder]Do you have something in your wallet that can add to this devotion?[/reminder]

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net|nongpimmy