Dan Pezet

Thankful for Belonging

thanksgiving2One of the things that I am thankful for is a sense of belonging.

I belong to my family. I belong to my church. I belong to God. When I get in tight spots, I have people that will stay by my side, and I will stay by them when they struggle. I have a family that loves and supports each other. I have a church that is on a spiritual journey with me. I have a God that never leaves me.  I belong.

This sense of belonging comes from God’s love binding us together. It is a gift that God gives freely, but in our brokenness, not all experience the joy of belonging. At this very moment, there are people that do not feel like they belong. They feel rejected, helpless, or void. I am praying for them and hope that everyone would be able to feel this Joy of Belonging that comes from God. I pray that as a church, we can continue helping people discover what it feel like to belong.