Dan Pezet

The Good Old Days

I was working on a post about church parking lots and the importance of thinking ahead when designing a parking lot. The worst parking lot design that I have seen was at a Burger King that I worked for back in high school. That got me thinking about Burger King and Crestview and the good ole’ days.

I do not get to go back to my old home of Crestview, Florida very often. I remember it fondly, though. That is where I spent my high school years, and I truly had a great time at CHS. I was into all sorts of stuff in my high school years and I funded most of my activities by working at Burger King. That job was not glamorous by any means, but I enjoyed working the drive thru, and I was pretty good at it.

The Drive Thru at the Crestview Burger King was the most unique drive thru to work, because it was the only one in the United States to have the drive through window on the passenger’s side. Most of the time it wasn’t a problem. Crestview was a small town, and people just seemed to ignore the inconvenience. Sometimes, though, it was a real pain in the neck. Having drivers stretch across the car, and me stretching out the window meant a lot of dropped change. Still, it was fun, and it even made its way into several trivia books, and supposedly even a question on trivial pursuit.

With that in mind, I decided to search the internet for a picture of my old workplace. This is what I found:

I guess everything has its season. I am a little bummed, but not too much. They promised us a new building back when I was still working there, almost 20 (gasp) years ago. I’m glad I did not hold out for the new building!