Dan Pezet

The Kindergarten Tip

This story hit home with us, because D3 started kindergarten this year and had a similar experience.

One mother walked her new kindergartener in to school and gave him a five dollar bill to put towards his lunch account. When she picked him up, she asked, “Did you give the lunch lady your money?”

He replied, “No, they didn’t need any money. They just put in my code, and they gave me lunch.”

His mother explained the account system and the fact that you have to put money in your account. She said, “It’s not a big deal. You can give the lunch lady your five dollars tomorrow.

He replied, “I don’t have the five dollars anymore.”

His mother asked, “What do you mean you don’t have it? What did you do with it?”

He replied, “I left it on the lunch table for a tip.”

I used this story this morning to begin talking about stewardship and knowing where our money goes when we give it to the church. It could also be used about the innocence of a child, kindness, decision making, and wherever your imagination might take you.

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  • I’ve shared this story with some seminary friends, and I’ve had reports that this story is going to make it into several sermon illustrations.