Dan Pezet

The Point

I have been thinking about the word point lately. It has many uses:

  • For Travellers: Point me in the right direction.
  • For Concentrators: I am focused to a sharp point.
  • For Ball Players: I scored a point!
  • For Brokers: The DOW dropped 50 points.
  • For Type A Personalities: That’s a pointed question.
  • For Judges: Is that your point of view?
  • For Mathematicians: Π (Pi) is 3 point 14.
  • For Pastors: Many sermons have 3 points.
  • For Military: I’ll take the rear, you take point.
  • For Hunters: I have an eight-pointer mounted on the wall.
  • For Editors: This post is in 12 point font.
  • For Tweeters: Short and to the point.
  • For People Reading This: What’s the point?

The point of this post is to share with you one of my favorite points yet.

  • For Fathers:


This is Luke at his big three year old program in March. He knew where Momma was because she was up front with the camera. He could not see me, and I could tell that he was looking for me. He finally saw me and gave me a big point in my direction. He was so excited. I am glad I was there to get the point.