Dan Pezet

The Rear End

Cindy and Luke were rear-ended Sunday Night. 🙁

They are ok. Cindy’s neck is sore. It wasn’t very sore at first, but it is getting worse, so I am sending her to the doctor tomorrow. Luke shows no sign of injury, but we’re watching him close. He never seemed to notice that anything out of the ordinary was going. Oh, the joy of childlike innocence 🙂 I am very thankful that they are ok. The car has seen better days, though.

There have been enough car accidents in my family and in our church lately that I did not need this reminder. But perhaps for others this can grant three important lessons:

  1. Express your love to family daily. 
  2. Drive carefully.
  3. Pray.


  • I got hit from behind a few years ago and much to my surprise my neck HURT too.
    It didn’t hurt…it got worse later…then it got better. Hopfully the “got better” part will come soon for Cindy…I will be praying for her.