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Top 5 Posts of 2010

2010 was a fun year for this website. I had 10,758 page views last year. I am amazed that so many people have stopped in. Hopefully they’ve found something useful. With that thought in mind, I pulled up my stats to see what posts people were coming to see. Here are the top 5 visited posts of 2010:

  • #1: Teaching Children How to Tithe – This post has something of celebrity status when compared to my other posts. It accounts for almost half of the traffic to my site. If you do a search for ‘teaching children how to tithe’ or anything close to it on google, this post often comes up #1.
  • #2: Church Hospitality Suggestion: Effective Greeters – This post is a distant second to the tithing post, but it is still way ahead of the rest of the pack. This one sees a lot of action on Sunday afternoon. I wonder if people have bad experiences on Sunday morning and then go home to search the net about greeters 🙂
  • #3: May I See the Manager? – The next few posts are all very close in their page views. I had to look this one up… I didn’t remember writing it. It is a great post about recognizing good service – something that I still love to do (I think Cindy might even be getting used to me making a fuss over great service).
  • #4: Teaching Children How to Tithe – This post isn’t really a post, but it directs people to a post my wife wrote about the money jars that we use with the boys. I really should redo this one and rename it.
  • #5: Hollywood Studios: Rock ‘N’ Rollercoaster – This post is now being hosted on my personal blog site. It is very popular and does well on some google searches. My blog has a few Disney posts with great tips, and I will be adding to the collection.

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