Dan Pezet

Uprooted Trees of Jude

Jude uses some strong metaphors to describe troublemakers in the church. The uprooted tree is an interesting and powerful metaphor. He writes that trouble makers are:

“autumn trees without fruit, twice dead, uprooted;” – Jude 1:12c NRSV

Trees are supposed to produce fruit. Christians are supposed to produce fruit that nourish the land. These trouble-making Christians fail to produce fruit because their roots are no longer drawing nourishment. They have been uprooted from the source of living water. They were not living the way that God had instructed us to live. They were out of touch with God’s Word. They needed to plant their roots in God. The moral of this metaphor is that if you are feeling disconnected, check your roots!  God has always blessed me when I have managed to set aside my stubborn pride and made the effort to plant my roots in him.

Things to check if you feel uprooted: Prayer life, Bible study, Worshiping with others, Giving, Doing good deeds of love, Using your spiritual gifts.

Prayer: Dear God, I pray that you will continue to grow and nourish me.When my fruit is sparse, help me to check my roots.