Dan Pezet

What Dan Needs

I saw this little game on facebook and it looked funny enough for me to try it. Here is what you do: Go to Google, type your first name followed by the word “needs”, and see what comes up! Share 10 of the more entertaining ones in your own note. Here’s mine:

  1. Dan needs your help!
  2. Dan needs life support.
  3. Dan needs your home remedies.
  4. Dan needs to get overhimself to win the men’s badminton championship.
  5. Dan needs a kidney.
  6. Dan needs to change his pants.
  7. Dan needs an anntena.
  8. Dan needs our help with a photo.
  9. Dan needs prayer.
  10. Dan needs a job.

Most of these are tame, but a couple are funny. Badminton championship? You can’t make that stuff up.

So, you know you want to… go to google, and type¬† ‘<yourname> needs’ and see what comes up. Make sure to let me know if you get anything good.


  • I did this once a long time ago. It was funny then, but it was even funnier today. Mine came up with “Vicki needs” – to pay the rent, round the clock care, new tires (true!), some crack, a wake up call, your prayers, to go home, her friends, to find balance in her life, and to quit the Hillary Camp.

    Thanks for the laugh, Dan!

    • Ha! There’s some good stuff in there. I like the last one. I think it’s probably about time to realize that Hillary is not going to be elected president this year!