Dan Pezet

What Works Wednesday: The Buddy System

I have a Seminary buddy. His name is Randall. We met during orientation just before we began our first year. We got to talking, and asked him what he was taking. We were in the same classes. Even our electives were the same. I told him that I do better in school if I have someone to go through it with, and since then we have taken all but two classes together. I had learned that lesson in undergrad. I always did better in a class when I had a good friend in it with me.

People might poke fun at us a little because we are always around each other, but the truth is that this buddy system works. Randall and I have been able to lean on each other for support, each helping the other when it seemed like we couldn’t make it through. I am very thankful for Randall’s friendship. I am not sure that I could make it through seminary without him.

We graduate in 5 months and 22 days.

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