Dan Pezet

Woohoo! I Finished CPE!

Journal: Friday, 8/22/08

It has been a long, exhausting summer, but I have just received my certificate for a unit of CPE. CPE has been challenging. I did CPE because my conference requires it. I didn’t see exactly why I needed to go through a program that would take 12 weeks to teach me how to visit people in the hospital. What I discovered, though, is that CPE is about more than hospital visits. CPE is a chance to explore and learn about yourself. I grew to enjoy my group and our time together. I still may think that 12 weeks is too long, but I do see the value of the program and I am taking away a lot of good learning.

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  • I am so far behind on reading the blogs that I keep up with. Therefore, I’m a bit late in saying “Congrats!” to you for completing CPE! Wheeee!