Dan Pezet

Word 2007 Makes Blogging Easy!

    I use Microsoft products. I haven’t always given Microsoft great reviews, and I don’t think I’ve ever just jumped up and down about any of Microsoft’s features. Well, I recently upgraded to Office 2007. I have used it for a week or so, and it seems to do just fine, but I didn’t see anything to get excited about until today.

    Today, I was writing blog articles. I usually type them up in MS Word and then copy them over to my blog. That way I get the full use of spelling and grammar checks from Word. In Word, I clicked on New Document, and it prompted me with “Blank Document” or “New Blog Post.” I thought that was interesting and selected New Blog Post, not expecting much. It then asked me what type of blog I use (WordPress) and asked me to enter my site’s address and user info. I entered it, still not expecting much. But lo and behold! It worked. It publishes just fine! I can’t set the date stamp on it to publish future posts (although you can publish it as a draft), and it won’t let me choose multiple categories, but other than that, it works great, and it’s simple! It even uploads pictures that you insert. It also handles multiple blog accounts.

Way to go Microsoft! You get a standing ovation from me for this one!